Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Google Adwords, Bing Paid Ads & Social Media Advertising is critical these days to ensure your brand is being recognized by potential clients. They are, both, tactics to gain online presence and traffic through paid and unpaid marketing strategies on search engines. Google Adwords deliver ads for businesses with precise targeting.

Experience & Pricing Structure
'Pay Per Click & Social Media Advertising' is a service we have been offering our customers for over 15 years. Our advertisement management fee is flat rate, until 20% of your spend is higher than the monthly management fee. We structure our fee this way to help you scale up, and we don't earn more until you make more. It's a win win for you and for us.

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Pay Per Click advertising requires a budget to start up, the monthly fee we charge is for creating ads, managing campaigns and targeting your' demographic properly. With that fee we adjust campaigns & ads monthly, constantly retarget to get better results. However, to start & keep those ads going, we need credit to fill your ad account. 100% of this charge goes straight to paying for ads. Please choose an amount below to start with.

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